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Wire Cutter And Stripper Tool

ET94145 - Multi-Purpose Wire Cutter And Stripper Tool

  MFG PART#: T-R-15
  KLJ PART#: ET94145
Unit Size: 1.00
Package Size: 1
Price Breaks:

Wire Cutter And Stripper Tool

Features Include:
• Multiple Crimp Dies
• Crimps 26-10 AWG insulated terminals
• Crimps 22-10 AWG non-insulated terminals
• Crimps 7-8mm ignition terminals
• Crimps “F” type auto terminals
• Two Precision-Ground Wire Cutters
• Up Front Anvil Type Cutter ideal for work in confined spaces
• ScissorType Cutter conveniently located next to wire stripper for fast installation
• Precision-Ground Wire Stripper
• Strips 26-10 AWG stranded wire
• Strips 18-8 AWG solid wire
• Bolt Cutters
• Cuts Five Common Sizes 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, 10-32.
• Threaded Slots firmly grip bolts and can be used to rethread bolts
• Wire Looping Slots
• Dual slot locations for looping solid wire
• High Strength Construction
• Made of Heat Treated Steel maintains accuracy and sharpness for extended life
• Cushion Grip Handles comfortable grip eases strain on hands
• Weighs Only 7 oz. Compact tool perfect for work in confined spaces

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