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#10-32 Stainless Steel Acorn Cap Nut 316

KL Jack Quality Vendor
Item #: 10FNCA3
$170.50 /Box
Only $1.71 Each
Package Size: 100

Total Price: $170.50
This item is currently Out of Stock but is on order and will be arriving soon.

Acorn Cap Nuts, also known as Acorn Nuts or Cap Nuts, have a domed fastener head that prevents stripping of screws and bolts, allowing them to be reused after maintenance by shielding the exposed bolt end.

Manufacturer KL Jack Quality Vendor
Item Type Acorn Cap Nut
System of Measurement Inch
Diameter #10
Grade 316
Hex Size 3/8"
Material Stainless Steel
Thickness 21/64"
Threads Per Inch 32
Thread Type Fine