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Norton Clipper® High-Speed Gas Cut-Off Saw

Norton Clipper® High-Speed Gas Cut-Off Saw

Effortlessly saw through HARD ROCK!

Contractors never have to worry about poor starts, wrong fuel mixes, choking, or clogged filters with the new Norton Clipper CP500 series of cut-off saws. Our saws are built to withstand the demands of today’s jobsite with raw, rugged power that truly delivers.

You can have ordinary or you can have a cut above in performance of Norton Clipper equipment and blade technologies that get you on and off the job quickly.

For a better option, make the switch to Norton.

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Norton Clipper CP514-350I 14" Gas Saw with iLube®1
Norton Replacement Air Filter Model 2500789 for CP514/CP512 Hi-Speed Gas Saws1
Norton Clipper CP514-350 14" Gas Saw1