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Learn how to weatherize a home using polyurethane spray foams. | KL Jack & Co. Industrial Fasteners & Supplies

Why Choose DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kits From KL Jack?

The use of Closed Cell SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) insulation has many advantages over traditional fiberglass or cellulose insulation (Read more about SPF vs Fiberglass). Energy savings with increased R-value, drastic reductions in air leakage and SPF’s ability to prevent mold & moisture intrusion are just a few. The material is spray applied, adheres to almost any surface and provides seamless coverage eliminating the gaps or cracks that are inherent with other insulations. In one product application SPF provides superior insulation plus an air and vapor barrier that easily out-performs traditional insulations.

This contributes to significant energy savings for the life of the building and results in a more energy efficient, greener home. Where one would normally expect savings to be in the form of reduced energy costs spread over a number of years, it also allows for significant initial savings in the form of reduced mechanical systems costs from the outset. When building a home, the effectiveness of high-performance materials and insulations reduce the home’s energy loads significantly, thereby reducing mechanical system requirements. With green considerations in mind, this reduction on the system loads greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the home.

There is no better home insulating material than SPF for sealing your home from air and moisture intrusion, saving on the ever-rising cost of utilities and strengthening your home for increased sustainability. The proven energy and thermal performance makes incorporating SPF into your future home buying, home building and home renovation plans the smartest choice for building green.

Are There Any Federal Tax Incentives for Making Energy Efficient Upgrades?

Update as of 4/21/14: The federal tax incentives for energy efficiency expired on December 31, 2013. The extension of energy efficiency incentives is currently being debated in Congress and it remains unclear whether federal incentives will be extended into 2014 or beyond. KL Jack will post updates on our website when the status changes. Also View: Weatherization Assistance Program Info

How Much Spray Foam Do I Need?


Learn how to weatherize a home using polyurethane spray foams. | KL Jack & Co. Industrial Fasteners & Supplies

         Learn how to weatherize a home using polyurethane spray foam kit offered by KL Jack & Co.

How to Measure

Foam Board Feet Calculation Tool Spray Foam requirements are calculated in "Board Feet". Simply described a Board Foot is an area of cured foam measuring 12" x 12" square x 1" thickness after curing. Our Spray Foam Kits come in 3 board ft. sizes for small or large projects.

How to Calculate Board Feet:
  1. Measure the square footage of the area to foam (Width x Height = Square Feet)

  2. Determine cured foam thickness in inches to achieve target R-value (apprx. R-7 inch)

  3. Multiply Square Footage of project times (X) the cured foam thickness desired.

  4. Example: 10 ft x 30' area = 300 S.F. x 2" foam thickness = 600 board ft. of foam

  5. Recommendation: One 605 Board Foot kit needed.
Save and Measure - How Much Spray Do I Need? Chart For DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kits |
Click on image to get a print view. Print chart off and write your measurements down for reference.
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