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#11 (0.1910") Twin End Heavy Duty 135° Drill Bit - 12 per Pack

27950 050728279509
Item #: 11DDDE
UPC: 050728279509
$32.13 /Pack
Only $2.68 Each
Package Size: 12


Total Price: $32.13


Viking Type 490 Twin End (Double Ended) HSS Drill Bits are ideal for quickly drilling thin and lighter gauge metals and sheet metal. May also be used for wood and some plastics. Popular in Automotive, Body shop and HVAC applications for quickly and economically drilling pilot holes for Pop (blind) rivets and small screws. Twin End bits essentially provide two drill bits for the price of one, making it an economical choice when used in the manner for which it is designed. The Type 490 bit is a heavy duty industrial grade bit that features a 135° Split Point that allows the bit to self-center, resists walking and can start a hole without the need for a center punch. Manufactured in America of high speed tool steel and finished with a black oxide coating for maximum lubricity and long life.

  • Twin End Bit - Heavy-Duty HSS construction
  • 135˚ Split Point self-centers and resists walking
  • Ideal for drilling thin sheet metal or wood
  • Popular for use in Automotive and HVAC applications
  • Ideal for Pop Rivet installation hole drilling
  • Black Oxide finish
  • Made in the USA

For best results with any cutting tool always use a cutting fluid or lubricant whenever possible. Always clamp or secure in place the item being drilled, unsecured small or light parts can spin violently while being drilled, causing injury. Always wear ANSI/CSA approved protective eyewear when using any tool.

Item Type Double/Twin Ended Drill Bit
Diameter #11
Bit Style Wire
Bit Type 490
Finish Black Oxide
Flute Length 5/8"
Material High Speed Steel
Overall Length 2-5/16"
Point (Degree) 135° Split Point
Supplier Part Number 27950
Package Quantity 12