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#12-24 x 1-1/2" Socket Head Cap Screw

KL Jack Quality Vendor
Item #: 12C150KCS
$55.91 /Box
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Package Size: 100

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Heat Treated Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screws (also known as Allen head screws) have a cylindrically shaped head with a flat top, knurled cylindrical sides and an internal hexagonal drive recess, often called an Allen or Hex drive. With a minimum tensile strength of 170 ksi they are stronger than Grade 8 bolts. Their high strength and compact head design making them ideal for use in tight or confined spaces and they are often seen on Industrial machinery. The internal hex (Allen) drive also eases their use in tight spaces by allowing easier access for the user to apply sufficient tightening force on the fastener during installation.

These fasteners are commonly used in applications where it is necessary to recess (counterbore) the head of the fastener, or in confined spaces that limit the size of the fastener head or that restrict access for the tool that drives the fastener. Socket head cap screws made from high strength alloy steel meet the material requirements of ASTM A574 and have a minimum tensile strength ranging from 180 ksi to 170 ksi depending on fastener diameter. They feature a Black Oxide finish for moderate corrosion resistance in dry environments. The Black Oxide finish also lubricates the fastener threads, reducing installation torque and effort. Thread lengths listed on this site are the minimum industry standard thread lengths. The actual thread lengths received may be longer than what is shown here. Socket Head Cap Screw length is measured from under the head, not overall length.

Manufacturer KL Jack Quality Vendor
Item Type Socket Head Cap Screw - Inch
System of Measurement Inch
Drive Type Hex Recessed
Diameter #12
Length (inches) 1-1/2"
Drive Size 5/32"
Finish Black Oxide
Hardness RC 39-44
Head Diameter 0.324" max / 0.314 min
Head Height 0.216" max / 0.210 min
Head Style Socket
Material Alloy Steel
Proof Stress 140 ksi
Dimensional Specification ASME B18.3
Material Specification ASTM A574
Thread Specification ASME B1.1, Class 3A, UNRC
Supplier Part Number 581341
Tensile Strength 180 ksi min.
Minimum Thread Length 1.00"
Threads Per Inch 24
Thread Style Full
Thread Type Coarse